Abhishek Garain

GSoC'20 : Week-13 of Coding Period | TouchDown Successful | Final Showdown

Week 17 of GSoC'20 Introduction So, as you all might be knowing that we are in the final stretch of the Google Summer of Code'20 coding period, mainly wrapping up the coding work and putting things at proper places in the codebase, and working on the docs, I will quickly jump to those aspects after discussing the week's work! We are in the endgame now :)" We are in the endgame now :)

GSoC'20 : Documentation and Experiences

Name Abhishek Garain Organization Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation : moja global Project Develop FLINT JSON User Interface Mentors Guy Janssen and Max Fellows Introduction The FLINT JSON Editor is a platform-independent desktop app built on Electron, React and Webpack and is mainly used to create projects from pre-defined packages/set of JSON files, to create a CFG file by choosing a set of JSON files, to open a project or set of JSON files either in a scratch based JSON editor or in a form based editor which will be used to power FLINT and its models.

GSoC'20 : Week-12 of Coding Period | Preparing for TouchDown | Documentation, Minor Fixes and Initiatives for sustenance of project

Week 16 of GSoC'20 Documentation Updates Currently, I am working on the documentation, penning down some of the important aspects of the App and GSoC'20 experience in all. The main topics which I am trying to cover in the docs(or you can say, an extended blog featuring my experience) are: Introduction Features Implemented and Relevant Pull Requests Issues Opened Tests Features to be Implemented Weekly Blogs and Standups My Experience with moja global Related Links(proposals, links to various APIs, frameworks used in the project) Minor Fixes There were minor issues like invocation of form-like editors from dashboard, which were resolved during the week.

GSoC'20 : Week-11 of Coding Period | Integration of form like editors and Implementation of file operations

Week 15 of GSoC'20 PR:8 Integration of form like editors to the tabbed layout The implementation of the form templates was a difficult yet interesting job, but what was more engaging was, integrating the forms to the tabbed layout, giving users the feature to switch between tabs and edit any JSON file easily, either in Scratch mode or Form mode. A glimse of the editor is given below. Integration of tabbed layout eith forms!

GSoC'20 : Week-10 of Coding Period | Passed Second Evaluation | Re-Implemented the modules variant for user ease

Week 14 of GSoC'20 Passed Second Evaluation Passed Second Evaluations" Passed Second Evaluations The second phase was really an exhilarating one, started off with ElectronJS and ended up with ReactJS to build web based prototypes for the app so as getting feedback for the app is super easy and a seamless procedure. The week started on with a great zeal and excitement, getting my second stipend. Party Mode ON" Party Mode ON

GSoC'20 : Week-9 of Coding Period | Implemented template forms for JSON files and integrated tabbed layout with the template editors

Week 13 of GSoC'20 Pending templates As cited in the previous blog, the templates involving WriteVariableGeotiff like peatland_output_modules.json were to be implemented in this week, and so they are, implemented in this week. peatland_output_modules.json has a completely different structure of JSON tree, so it could not be punched to the simple modules.json template implemented in the previous work. Illustartion of peatland_output_modules.json showing the fields specific to WriteVariableGeotiff and the settings.