GSoC'20 : Week-6 of Coding Period | Passed First Evaluation | Upgradations to the Tabbed Editor

Week 10 of GSoC'20


First Eval
Firstly, I would like to thank all my mentors, specially @guy sir and @mfellows sir for believing in me and encouraging my work throughout the first phase of GSoC'20. It's a joyous week for me, passing the first evaluation with great ease and getting my first ever stipend for contribution to the Open Source Ecosystem. 🥳
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This week's work

This week, I was working on refactoring the previously written code, so as it can easily accomodate the upcoming work on the editor. One major upgradation was, converting all ReactJS's prop drilling methods to Context API. It may seem to be very trivial practice of using prop drilling at first place, but the fact is, ReactJS is more or less, a new framework for me, and I am learning new things each day, which is the best and motivating part for me in the whole program.

The other feature which was implemented, was connecting the tabbed editor to the OpenFile and OpenProject features.

This week was more of backend and integration work rather than frontend work, so I can't showcase any UI improvements at this moment, but lots of UI designs are going to be featured in the next week. 😅

moja global's Blog

It's great to know that moja global is featuring our work in their newsletter and how one or the other way, our work is going to help other developers and FLINT's users in curbing the environmental pollution.

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