GSoC'20 : Week-1 of Coding Period | Takeoff Successful

Week 5 of GSoC'20

It had been an awesome community bonding period in the past one month, and finally, the coding period kicked off successfully.

Sprints Completed

Starting on with the coding period, I initialised the code repository, by creating an Electron App, integrating it with React with the help of Webpack to create a basic Hello World project. Once it was done, the next thing was to identify the contributors of the project by triggering the all-contributors bot.

Now, it was 2nd of June, and I started chalking out a plan to create the landing page of the app, keeping in mind the community branding guidelines, the UI etc, referring to the wireframes which I built on Week 2 of community bonding period. Once the plan was appealing, I started to code the landing page, and after a day and three cups of coffee ☕, I was ready with a basic landing page.

Initial Landing Page

Once getting it reviewed by @mfellows sir and @guy sir, I started to improve the layout and content of the page, and created a revised layout of the same.

Current Landing Page

Sprints Left

The only feature which needs to be implemented for the week is to integrate a raw JSON editor to help users to build a JSON file from scratch. I will be using NPM's json-editor package for the same.


On a concluding note, I would like to say that the GSoC'20 experience has become even more exhilarating for me, learning new concepts and implementing them, day in and day out.

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