GSoC'20 : Week-2 of Coding Period | Landing Page, Predefined Packages and Tab like Editor

Week 6 of GSoC'20

PR1: Implemented Landing Page and Scratch JSON Editor #8

The week's mostly went on with finishing the Scratch JSON Editor which will be used by the users to write a JSON file purely from scratch. I also gave a final touch up to the landing page.
Scratch JSON Editor

Current Week

This week's work comprises of determining how to keep a note on the predefined packages and making it easier for the users to get a starter project comprising of a complete set of JSON files into their desired directory. The work also comprises of implementing file operations such as copying the template JSON files to a user-defined directory.

Latest Landing Page

The other work which needs to be completed in this week, is to implement a tab-like editor(similar to VSCode or Sublime Text) where user may be able to switch over between there desired JSON files with great ease.

On a concluding note, I can say with full optimism that I am flying way ahead of my self-built schedule of deliverables, which implies, I will get more time to fine-tune the project and deliver a software which will provide great experience to end-users of FLINT.

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