GSoC'20 : Week-4 of Coding Period | Open Files, Open Project feature and Initial Tab layout

Week 8 of GSoC'20

PR3: Addition of CreateCFG module, UI for OpenFile module and Dialog Boxes

The Pull request's sole purpose is to implement a CFG file editor and an UI for Open Files feature. The CFG File Editor has been explained in previous blog. Talking about the Open Files feature, it will be used by the users to open JSON files in bulk in a single click.
Open Files

The UI shows selected files, containing cancel(X) buttons to remove JSON files from queue. A tooltip is added to the chips to show the file directory, thus helping users to recognise non-unique file-names.

Apart from this feature, error-handling and dialog boxes are added.
Success messages

PR4: Integrate PR Templates from Import-Me repo

This PR was made to integrate PR templates and Issue templates so as to make PR's look good and organised. All thanks to @Sneha for making the templates.

The other feature which was included in this PR was the “Open Project” feature, in which, the users can easily open a previouly made project easily, just by choosing a folder containing the JSON files. Thanks to @mfellows sir for explaining the feature in a lucid manner.

Open Project

JSON Editor

This week, I have also made a little progress on the tabbed editor by making an initial layout of it. The notable features which have been implemented are, dragging of the tabs, closing the tabs and opening a new tab.

Initial layout for Tabbed Editor

Summing Up

This week has been a roller coaster for me😅, since the first evaluations are knocking the door, and I am trying to publish the packaged version of the app before the end of month. 🤞🤞

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