GSoC'20 : Week-3 of Coding Period | CFG File Editor, File Operations and UI Upgradation

Week 7 of GSoC'20

PR2: Addition of File Operations, SnackBar, Error Handling for CreateProject feature

This Pull Request was made in intention to implement the File Operations associated to the CreateProject module, so that users can easily choose a predefined package and start on with their project in no time. The other eatures which were implemented were checking for errors and putting SnackBar and Dialog boxes in appropriate ways.
Error Dialog Box

Current Week

This week, I had two features to be delivered, namely the CFG File Editor and basic version of tabbed JSON Editor.

CFG File Editor

The notable uses of this feature is to create a config file which points to numerous JSON files which is used by FLINT to accept arguments in its model. I have tried to build it in an interactive way, using transfer lists, where the appropriate JSON files are chosen. After the files are chosen, user has two options, either create only the CFG files, or CFG file alongwith a copy of chosen JSON templates.

Transfer List
File Operations UI Controls

The other feature which needs to be implemented in this week, is a basic layout of tabbed JSON Editor.

Plenary Meet

Our organisation conducted a meeting with the mentors and fellow GSoC'20 students where we discussed about our progress and problemd faced while acheiving the deliverables.

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